Do telco the easy way with Devoli

Consumers are often frustrated with the usual telco providers, and want more choice when it comes to trusted retail brands who can provide their broadband and mobile services.

You can become one of these brands.

We already work with well-loved kiwi brands like Contact Energy, Nova Energy and Pulse Energy, enabling them to offer telco services to their customer base without needing their own telco networks.

Our platform automates access to telco networks in NZ and Australia, allowing easy management of telco services.

Add immediate value to your customers and reduce churn by adding your own brand of broadband and mobile services into your value proposition, powered by Devoli.

Devoli's market-leading Customer Experience platform allows you to deliver your own brand of Internet and Mobile to your customers.

You have the customer base, the relationship and the established retail brand credibility.

We have the platform that can help you leverage those assets to provide a bundled recurring revenue stream and additional brand relevance to your customers.

Devoli has no retail brand, so unlike most wholesale telco providers, we won't compete with your business. We're focused on providing you with an outstanding support experience in selling to your customers.

With Devoli you can:

Improve profitability & grow revenues

Reduce churn

Benefit from efficiencies of scale

Gain rich insights

Control the billing process

We make telco easy

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