Whether you're NZ or AUS-based, protect your hard-earned business from the telcos invading your turf, or attack them head-on with innovative bundles and services. Either way, Devoli provides the tools to build your moat and create sticky, long-term recurring revenue streams with no up-front costs.

Devoli's automation and super-smart team make connectivity, provisioning, assurance and billing elegantly simple.

Our fully automated end-to-end telco platform provides full visibility, allowing you to build your business and own your client relationships while we focus on creating the efficiencies and scale to improve your profitability.

Whether you're an established ISP or an innovative Managed Service Provider operating in NZ, Australia or both, we can help you:

Create recurring revenue streams

Build a moat around your business

Improve profitability

Remain relevant

Sell in Australia and New Zealand

Gain rich customer insights

Defend against the telcos in your patch

Own your customers

Choose your providers - with no bias

No lock-in contracts

Run your own network, or use ours

Devoli's MSP solutions are quick to set up and don't require any up-front investment.